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New Arrivals, November 12, 2013

Ego Summit s/t LP (540) $14 Surprise reissue of well-named supergroup. Don Howland, Mike Rep, Ron House…

The Flesh Eaters No Questions Asked LP (Mono) $18

The Human Expression Love at Psychedelic Velocity LP + 7″ (Mississippi) $17

David Kilgour and the Heavy Eights “Christopher Columbus” 7″ (Merge) $5

Kitchen and the Plastic Spoons Screams to God LP (Dark Entries) $17 Great crazed Devo worship outta the wilds of early-80s Sweden. Highly recommended.

New Bomb Turks Tapeworm Blues 10″ (Crypt) $17

New Bomb Turks Destroy-oh-Boy! LP (Crypt) $19

Parquet Courts American Specialties LP (Play Pinball!) $17

Public Image Ltd. First Issue LP (Light in the Attic) $22

The Renderizors Vivid Cloud/Lucky Din LP (Grapefruit) $22 A mix of typical Renderers post-Velvets electrocuted songcraft, short instrumental drifts, and some supremely disorienting field recordings from the Crooks’ time living in China. One copy, sold out at source.

Strapping Fieldhands “Impossible to Say” 7″ (Richie) $6 Recommended return to form.

The Urinals “Sex” 7″ (Superior Viaduct) $10

Venom P. Stinger Meet My Friend Venom LP (Drag City) $18 Their first and toughest-sounding record, hardcore in its intensity but very much Australian. Overlap with Fungus Brains and Sick Things, the guitarist and drummer went on to teh Dirty Three, etc etc. Pretty much impossible to find.

Venom P. Stinger Waiting Room 12″ (Drag City) $15 First time on vinyl for this EP, all killer.

Venom P. Stinger “Walking About” 7″ (Drag City) $6 Absolute perfection.

Venom P. Stinger What’s Yours Is Mine LP (Drag City) $18 Long out-of-print, this has some great stuff.

Victor Dimisich Band LP (Siltbreeze) $15 Post-Pin Group and -Scorched Earth Policy, pre-Terminals NZ glory. Even the archival CD’s long-gone and rare nowadays. Includes download card.

various Which Way Does the Blood Red River Run? LP (Mississippi/Sutro Park) $15 – Gospel and blues from the Testament label, 1961-1967

New Arrivals, October 16, 2013.

Bitch Prefect “Adelaide” 7″ (Bedroom Suck) $10

Back in stock: Counter Intuits LP (Pyramid Scheme) $9 Ron House-Jared Phillips DIthemselves. Repress with printed sleeves.

Full Ugly “Drove Down” 7″ (Bedroom Suck) $10

Housewives “Fuck You or Fuck Yeah” 7″ EP (Anti-fade) $10

restocked: Housewives “Special Power” 7″ EP (RIP Society) $10

It Hurts “33 Tears” 7″ (Soft Abuse) $6 All-gal trio take on Asperger songform as only New Zealanders can. If you like the mopier side of Brit DIY – Stepping Talk, Young Marble Ginats – and could stand to hear it spiked with some nasty electronics, this will do nicely.

Kitchen’s Floor “Regrets” 7″ (RIP Society) $10 Welcome repress of their snarling debut single. DOWN-ER.

restocked: Lower Plenty Hard Rubbish LP (Easter Bilby) $18

Mad Nanna “I Wanna See You” 7″ (Soft Abuse) $6

Peak Twins “Steppin’ Off” 7″ (Bedroom Suck) $10

Primitive Motion Worlds Floating By LP (Bedroom Suck) $18 SOLD OUT

restocked: Raw Prawn “None Left” 7″ (RIP Society) $10

New Arrivals, July 10, 2013

Batpiss Nuclear Winter LP (Every Night Is a Saturday Night) $21

Camperdown & Out Couldn’t Be Better LP (Popfrenzy) $24

Chinese Burns “Not My Girl” 7″ (Swashbuckling Hobo) $10

Cured Pink “Body Body Body I Need It Need It Need It” 7″ (Black Petal) $10

Eastlink “Wild Dog” 7″ (Aarght!) $10

Haino/O’Rourke/Ambarchi Now While It’s Still Warm Let’s Pour in All the Mystery LP (Black Truffle) $22 The expected mix of gorgeous zero-gravity tonefloat and raging electrical storms.

Happy Times GRT 7″ EP (Swashbuckling Hobo) $10

Ich Bin Ein Eisel “Holy Grail” 7″ EP (Swashbuckling Hobo) $10

Kitchen’s Floor Deadshits 7″ (Easter Bilby) $7 Early recordings of some Floor “classics.”

Dan Melchior K-85 LP (Homeless) $19 Great mix of homemade songwriting and collage mess.

Back In Stock: Raw Prawn “None Left” 7″ EP (R.I.P. Society) $10

Satanic Rockers Fu Kung LP (Albert’s Basement/Little Big Chief) $18 Note to foreigners: wildly obnoxious cover art, so this goes through Customs at your own risk.

The Stabs Dead Wood LP (Homeless) $21 Second excellent record from this trio, finally on the One True Format. If the idea of a Rowland Howland-led Hammerhead works for you, look no further.

The Stabs Dirt LP (Homeless) $21 First long-former from Aussie power trio who would fit right into late-80s Aberrant Records. Highly recommended.

New Arrivals, June 28, 2013

Bassholes Boogieman Stew LP (Columbus Discount) $13 With guest appearances by a pretty insane dream team: Ellen Hoover from the early Gibson Bros.; the Shannon brothers from the Cheater Slicks; Damon Sturdevant from Puffy Areolas, etc.

Dick Diver Calendar Days LP (Chapter Music) $18 Elusive second LP from this indie-rockin’ crew, inc. a good hunk of the UV Race and a Boomgate.

New Arrivals, June 21, 2013

back in: Eddy Current Suppression Ring Rush to Relax LP (Goner) $14

Fireworks Lit Up! LP (Bang) $22

Dan Melchior The Heron LP (Limited Appeal) $12

Mordecai College Rock LP (Richie) $14

Urinals Another EP 7″ (Superior Viaduct) $10 Crucial second 7 from late-70s LA art-DIY geniuses.

Urinals 1st 7″ (Superior Viaduct) $10 “I’m a bug!” One of, er, “punk”‘s best love songs.

The Fall “Bingo-Master’s Break-Out” 7″ EP (Step Forward) $15 OG Step Forward pressing. The cover’s got some ring wear and is a bit yellowed with age. Vinyl’s a solid VG+, with a bit of a scuff on the title track.

Talking Heads Fear of Music LP (Nova) $6 80s Portuguese press, of all things. VG+/VG+

New Arrival, May 1, 2013

Back in stock: Counter Intuits LP (Pyramid Scheme) $9 Ron House-Jared Phillips DIthemselves.

Needlecraft LP (Wantage) $13 Great semi-ept gal rock that would slot in nicely next to one of the Dawn Johnson-fronted Rob Vasquez bands, the Man-Tee-Mans or the Gorls.

New Arrivals, April 23, 2013

Dead C. vs Rangda split LP (Ba Da Bing) $15

Family Curse “Julia Armant” 7″ (Drawing Room) $4

Family Curse/White Murder split 7″ (Doormat) $4

Family Curse Twilight Language LP (Drawing Room) $12

Lower Plenty Hard Rubbish LP (Special Award) $18

Mouthbreathers “Nowhere” 7″ (Slovenly) $6

Thee Oh Sees Moon Sick EP (Castle Face) $14

100 Flowers s/t LP (Superior Viaduct) $15

Protomartyr No Passion All Technique LP (Urinal Cake) $15

Sightings Terribly Well LP (Dais) $19

The Sleepers Painless Nights LP (Superior Viaduct) $15