Kim Salmon Wall/Paper LP (My Mind’s Eye) $18

Scrotum Poles Revelation 7″
(Dulc-i-Tone) $5.50

75 Dollar Bill Wooden Bag LP (Other Music) $15

Sex Tide Flash Fuck LP (A Wicked Company) $10 Ohio trio yawp in the roaring Pussy Galore/Cramps/Gories tradition. Back in stock and highly recommended.

Shearing Pinx Weaponry Pt. 1 LP (Divorce) $16

Sightings Michigan Haters LP (S-S) $15

Sleaford Mods TISWAS EP (Invada) $23

Slug Guts Howling Gang LP (Bedroom Suck) $21 Australian tour edition, different cover from the Sacred Bones version.

Slug Guts Down on the Meat LP (Stained Circles) $15 Growly Aussies mining the good ol’ Birthday Party/Scientists schtick to good effect.

Doug Snyder/Bob Thompson The Daily Dance LP (Cantor) $19 Superb early 1970s free-rock from some Ohioans you never ever heard of, with wild noisy guitar and great post-Rashied drum tumble. Fans of The Dead C.’s wilder moments will fell right at home. SOLD OUT

Soft Boys Can of Bees LP (Yep Roc) $21 Great one, all-time-favorite cover art. Comes with MP3 download.

Soft Boys Underwater Moonlight LP (Yep Roc) $21 Classic third album. Includes MP3 download coupon.

Joseph Spence Good Morning Mr. Walker – Bahaman Guitarist LP (Mississippi) $16

The Stabs Split Lips/House of the Peter Gunn 7″ (Stained Circles) $10 Excellent Aussie trio in the classic Birthday Party/Moodists/King Snake Roost vein. Last copy.

Straight Arrows Can’t Count/Something Happens 7″ (R.I.P. Society) $10

Straight Arrows It’s Happening LP (Juvenile) $15 A more sun-drenched Black Lips, or a more garagey Galaxie 500?

Sunn O))) Monoliths & Dimensions 2LP (Southern Lord) $36 New regular record from our robed friends. I’m sure there’s a fancier edition you can hunt down, but if you want merely Very Nice Presentation, you still get heavy vinyl in a gatefold cover that is itself wrapped in a vellum dust jacket.

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