The Unfuckable Complicated Meditation Class 7″ (Aarght!) $9 W/ Rich from Ooga Boogas, as yet unheard by me.

Unholy Two $kum of the Earth LP (Columbus Discount) $14 Great feral scunge as expected, assisted here by a Cheater Slick and a Guinea Worm. Nice silkscreened cover, too. Last copy. Caveat for the fussy: bent corner of outer sleeve.

Uzi Rash Band I Saw You 7″ (1-2-34 Go!) $6

The U.V. Race I Hate You 7″ (Fashionable Idiots) $5 Another stellar one from Marcus & co., with the most insane yet of their themed yellow covers.

The U.V. Race Acid Trip 7″ (Sweet Rot) $6.50

Weyes Blood Outside Room LP (Not Not Fun) $15

Whines Shootinhead 7″ (Mt. St. Mtn.) $7

Whines Hell to Play LP (Meds) $14

Wounded Lion Friendly? 7″ (In The Red) $5.50 Excellent three-song outing from LA loud-n-catchy crew.

Wounded Lion Creatures in the Cave 7″ (Gilgongo) $5.50

Wounded Lion LP (In The Red) $13 Summer 2010-defining record, for this reporter anyway. Much-improved versions of a coupla single tracks (“Carol Cloud” and “Creatures in the Cave”), and a pile of fine originals. Includes download coupon.

X X-Spurts: The 1977 Recordings (Ugly Pop) $22 Australian X, just in case you don’t know.

Young Identities Positive Thinking 7″ (540) $6

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