Pigeon Religion Dead Boss 7″ (Gilgongo) $5.50

Pheromoans It Still Rankles LP (Convulsiv) $15

Poli Styrene Jass Band Drano In Your Veins/Circus Highlights 7″ (Violet Times) $6

Primitive Calculators/Slug Guts Ugly Pumping Muscle 7″ (Sweet Rot) $7 Primitive Calculators and Slug Guts, both doing the former’s stone classic of Aussie No Wave terror. The Prims have an unreleased early recording, for what it’s worth.

Psandwich Northren Psych LP (Columbus Discount) $15 Eagerly anticipated new outing from Ron House (Great Plains, Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments). SOLD OUT, repress coming soon!

Psychedelic Aliens Psycho African Beat LP (Academy) $20

Pumice Pumice 10″ (Doubtfulsounds) $19

Puffy Areolas In The Army 1981 LP (Siltbreeze) $15 Unhinged heavy squall, uniformly great and pretty far outta the confines of the underwearground ca. 2010. Includes download coupon.

Purling Hiss LP (Permanent) $20 Much-loved bedroom guitar-hero antics from Birds of Maya guy.

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