Little Claw Human Taste LP (Not Not Fun) $16

Lloyd Pack Know Your Lloyd Pack 7″ EP (Siltbreeze) $8 The Melchior-Rodmans and Russell Pheromoan team up. You are the winner.

Los Llamarada Exploding Now LP (S-S) $12 First LP from Monterey, Mexico’s premier snarlers. Nice silkscreened cover, last copy.

Los Llamarada Take the Sky LP (S-S) $13 Second long player from Monetrey’s finest.

Los Llamarada Restless Light 7″ (S-S) $6

Long Legged Woman Nobody Knows This is Nowhere LP (Poison Season) $13 Fantastic malevolent psych pound a la prime-era Butthole Surfers. Highly recommended for connoisseurs of raunch. Private-press thing with silkscreened AND spraypainted cover art, pre-CCR Headcleaner.

The Lost Domain Blondes Chew More Gum 2LP (Negative Guest List) $27 Superb two-guitar/three-drummer dunt, highly recommended.

The Lost Domain “Drunken Sailor” 7″ (Negative Guest List) $9.50

The Louvin Brothers Tragic Songs of Life LP (Light in the Attic) $21

The Love Is So Fast s/t LP (Siltbreeze) $15 Some kinda oxbow in the Rio Llamarada.

Love Live Life + One Love Will Make a Better You CD (Drone Syndicate) $10 Japrocksampler fave.

Low Red Center 10″ (S-S) $15

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