The Dead C. Max Harris LP (Ba Da Bing) $15 Welcome “reissue” of something that barely existed to begin with. SOLD OUT

The Dead C Secret Earth LP (Ba Da Bing!) $15 Superb new record and a return to songs you can almost kinda sing along to. If you think ‘Helen Said This’ is the best thing they’ve ever done, welcome home. Highly recommended.

The Dead C. Patience LP (Ba Da Bing!) $14 Fine new stuff from this absurdly durable New Zealand free-noise trio. Includes download card.

The Dead C Golden/Canine EP (Ba Da Bing) $25 Tour-only vinyl, last copy, get it while you can. SOLD OUT

The Dead C DR503 + Sun Stabbed EP 2LP (Ba Da Bing!) $22 Very nice reissue of the first Dead C LP, first 7′, and a bit of extra stuff from the same period, hard to come by even on CD. Do I need to tell you this is crucial? Of course not. SOLD OUT

The Dead C Eusa Kills + Helen Said This 2LP (Ba Da Bing!) $22 Two wonderful and long-gone records, improbably reissued twenty years down the line. “Helen Said This,” is a personal favorite, the apogee of destroyed rock and utterly psychedelic.

The Dead C “Relax, Fallujah, Hell Has Come” 7″ (Ba Da Bing!) $5.00

The Dead C Trapdoor Fucking Exit/Helen CD (Siltbreeze) $12 The “Helen” material’s been reissued on vinyl at long last (woohoo!), but the Trapdoor stuff remains CD-only (unless you’re one of the long-ago few who got the cassette).

The Dead C The Damned CD (Starlight Furniture Company) $12 Recommended return to activity, starting with one of their all-time great “rockers,” “Truth,” and getting into some almost Fushitsusha territory later on.

Dead C. vs Rangda split LP (Ba Da Bing) $15

Dead Farmers Go Home LP (R.I.P. Society) $15 Excellent power trio stupidity in the classic Blue Cheer/Mudhoney mold. Includes download coupon.

Karen Dalton 1966 LP (Delmore) $20

Dead Farmers Go Home LP (R.I.P. Society) $18 restock

Deadnotes Orange Trumpet LP (Soft Abuse) $13.50 Eugene Carchesio, Stuart Busby and Leighton Craig. Connections to the Lost Domain empire.

Deaf Wish Mercy LP (Radio Records Melbourne) $15 Excellent and remarkably polished work from these (defunct?) Aussies. Highly recommended.

Degreaser Rougher Squalor LP (Ever/Never) $14 The squalling psych monster I always hoped this band would make; the best thing they’ve ever done by a long shot. Ex-Sea Scouts.

Demon’s Claws The Defrosting of… LP (In The Red) $13

The Detroit Sex Machines “The Stretch Parts 1 & 2″ 7″ (Mississippi) $6 Jukebox-style single of superb instrumental funk by some Detroit teenagers with a JBs/Sly fixation.

Dialing In Islamic Bomb LP (Music Fellowship) $20

Dickhead Rescue “More Than”/”Erepeato” 7″ (Ever/Never) $7.50

Die Kreuzen October File LP (Touch & Go) $13 Reissue with digital download coupon to keep your iPhone hardcore.

DNA DNA On DNA 2LP (No More) $24 Dour, uncompromising, and fantastic No Wave, improbably given the deluxe vinyl reissue treatment LONG after the CD version came around. SOLD OUT
Dog Faced Hermans Those Deep Buds LP (Alternative Tentacles) $14 Repress, with download coupon.

Axel Dorner/Toshimaru Nakamura Vorhernach CD (Ftarri) $18

Drunkdriver Born Pregnant LP (Parts Unknown) $13 Man-yowl scungy enough to suck Mattin into their mothlight.

Duchess of Saigon LP (S-S) $15 Great guy-gal duo stomp recorded years ago for an aborted LP.

Dworzec s/t CD (Metonymic) $15 Great work from this obscure Aussie free-noise combo.

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