Acid Mothers Temple In O to Infinity 2LP (Important) $25

AFCGT 10″ (Dirty Knobby) $14 A Frames + Climax Golden Twins collaboration – some of this was on the excellent CDR from a while back and it’s a corker. Of course fans of the parent groups should be well-pleased, and anyone pining away for Majora-era Sun City Girls should feel right at home here, too. One copy in my grubby little hands.

AFCGT LP (Uzu) $21 More splurge from the A-Frames and Climax Golden Twins’ excellent tag-team. Exact knockoff of the 2008 CDR, not to be missed.

A Frames 333 3LP (SS) $32 Long-rumored and very welcome singles/demos/unreleased collection from these greats.

Alps Alps of New South Wails LP (Past Futures) $15

Amon Duul Paradieswarts Duul LP (Wah Wah) $27 Much-needed Wah Wah reissue of this Krautrock classic.

Animal Lover Garage Wolves 7″ EP (Bumpkin Pie) $5 Great DIY yelling outta Fargo, ND, with nods to Fargo’s own Hammerhead and The Gordons.

Animals and Men Never Bought Never Sold LP (Mississippi) $13 Hard to believe you live in a time with multiple concurrent Animals and Men reissues, huh? Superb comp of obscure prime-era Brit post-punk, and highly recommended to anyone with an interest in DIY and any of the gal-yowl spectrum.

Animal Lover Garage Wolves 7″ EP (Bumpkin Pie) $5 Great DIY yelling outta Fargo, ND, with nods to Fargo’s own Hammerhead and The Gordons.

James Arthur’s Manhunt! LP (Aarght!) $15 Perhaps a Fireworks/Feast of Snakes/Golden Boys pedigree might pique your interest? Extremely fried late-night bedspin confusion, only faintly smelling of sideburn pomade. Per Bystrom’s cover art deserves a Grammy, as usual.

James Arthur Manhunt “It’s Working” 7″ (In The Red) $6

Mulatu Astatke Ethio Jazz LP (Heavenly Sweetness) $25

Ashtray Navigations You Cannot Tell Cigars By The Picture on the Box CD (Celebrate Psi Phenomena) $15

Axemen Big Cheap Motel LP (Siltbreeze) $15 First installment in Siltbreeze’s Axemen reissue series (!). If I’m understanding things right this is a concept album made in reaction to playing some summerfest concert with sexist posters from the concert’s milk-company sponsors. Buried in the murk is some ferocious bent punk right up there with the leading lights of the era (1984).

Axemen Scary! 2LP (Siltbreeze) $19 The next installment in the Siltbreeze/Sleek Bott reissue series, Axemen at their least scrutable.

Axemen Three Virgins/Three Versions/Three Visions 2LP (Siltbreeze) $16 Hotly anticipated reissue of this long-gone Flying Nun opus, a blotter-soaked trip to their own private Marineville. The best thing the Axemen did, and highly recommended. Includes MP3 download card so you can ruin your neighbors’ next barbecue.

Axemen “Nutsack” 7″ (Negative Guest List/Sleek Bott) $9.50

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