Bad Trips Open LP (Rocketship) $15 Second LP from this fine Grady Runyan ensemble.

Balaclavas Roman Holiday LP (Dull Knife) $15

Banque Allemande Willst du Chinese Sein LP (S-S) $15

Billy Bao Urban Disease LP (Pan) $36 2010 confounder with Mattin, Taku Unami, Margarida Garcia, Barry Weisblatt, and Tim Barnes. SOLD OUT

Bassholes And Without a Name LP (Columbus Discount) $14

The Big Boys Where’s My Towel?/Industry Standard LP (Modern Classics) $21

Billy Bao Dialectics of Shit LP (Parts Unknown) $ 13

Billy Bao May 08 LP (Parts Unknown) $13

Birchville Cat Motel with Anla Courtis Three Sparkling Echoes CD (Celebrate Psi Phenomena) $13

Birchville Cat Motel Bird Sister Blasphemy CD (Celebrate Psi Phenomena) $13

Birchville Cat Motel Birds Call Home Their Dead CD (Celebrate Psi Phenomena) $20 Deluxe-packaging final salvo from CPsiP and one of the high points of BCM’s vast discography, including fine guest work from Neil Campbell, Bex Coogan, and Dianna Thomso-Kneale (on electric sander, no less!)

The Birthday Party Junkyard LP (Drastic Plastic) $18 Third LP, chock-fulla foaming histrionics.

The Birthday Party Payers on Fire LP (Drastic Plastic) $18 The Party’s second and strongest LP.

Rick Bishop/Bill Orcutt Road Stories (Kali) LP Unrock $26

Back in: Bits of Shit Cut Sleeves LP (Homeless) $18

Black Humor Love God – Love One Another LP (Superior Viaduct) $15

Black Boned Angel The Endless Coming Into Life CD (20 Buck Spin) $13

Blank Dogs Slow Room 7″ (Captured Tracks) $7.50

Blank Realm Deja What? LP (Bedroom Suck) $15 Great Australian late-night fuzz. I hear Royal Trux and Metal Box, the wife hears Can; I think we’re both right. Includes download coupon. Australian import.

Blank Realm “Falling Down the Stairs” 7″ (Negative Guest List) $6 “One-sided” due to a pressing flaw on side B, but side A is GREAT.

The Blimp Not Beer one-sided 12″ (Violet Times) $13 Heavy Beefheart worship outta OR, with Hart (ex-Hunches) on vox.

Bloodclot Faggots Big In Adelaide 7″ EP (No Patience) $9

Boomgates/Super Wild Horses split 7″ (Drawbridge) $9 Boomgates is Bredon Suppression’s other band, here in a nice Yo La Velvets mode. Super Wild Horses are in their (typical?) Go-Gos exuberant form.

Bodysnatchers 7″ (540) $6

Boris Amplifier Worship 2LP (Southern Lord) $22

Boris Absolutego 2LP (Southern Lord) $22

Boredoms Super Roots 10 double 12″ (Thrill Jockey) $16

Brainbombs Singles LP (Load) $15 Crucial comp of their early singles, now on the One True Format. I don’t think I have anything new and useful to say about these Swedes and you probably already know if you need this.

Brain F# Sleep Rough LP
(Sorry State) $15

Kjetil D. Brandsdal Freedom – WAAOHWAAOH CD (Corpus Hermeticum) $15

Broken Water Wrought LP (Night People) $15

Peter Brotzmann/Han Bennink Ein Halber Hund Kann Nicht Pinkeln LP (Cien Fuegos) $30 1977 recording by Jost Gebers, originally issued on FMP as FMP 0420.

Peter Brotzmann/Han Bennink/Fred van Hove Balls LP (Cien Fuegos) $30 Killer trio outing from 1970, originally on FMP and reissued on CD by Atavistic a while back. Recommended.

James Brown Say It Loud (I’m Black and I’m Proud) LP
(Polydor) $12

The Buff Medways Medway Wheelers CD (Damaged Goods) $10 More from Billy CHildish’s fine freakbeat project.

Builders The Utopians 7″ (Smartguy) $7

Sandy Bull E Pluribus Unum LP (Sutro Park) $19 Fantastic later Bull record, more electrified than the first two, in the vein of the great ‘Still Valentine’s Day’ live CD. If Spacemen 3′s more zoned moments work for you, you could move right in here.

Sandy Bull Inventions LP (Sutro Park) $19 Bull’s second LP, on guitar, oud, and banjo in duos with Billy Higgins on drums. Great stuff if you’re a fan of John Fahey and the like.

Burning Bush As I Went Out One Morning 7″ (A Fistful of Records) $14 Elusive Dutch record by Don Howland quartet. One copy left.

Butthole Surfers Live PCPPEP LP (Alternative Tentacles) $9 2011 repress.

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