The Cakekitchen Kangaroos in my Top Paddock LP (Violet Times) $15 New recordings from long-running Graeme Jefferies action.

Cave Pure Moods 12″ (Drag City) $12

Cave Hunt Like Devil EP + CD (Permanent) $15 Second press.

Cave Psychic Summer LP (Important) $17 Excellent instro psych that runs a gamut of couchbound forms from Can to the Feelies, and keeps it mercifully short throughout.

Cave Neverendless LP (Drag City) $18

Chalk Circle Reflections LP (Mississippi/Post Present Medium) $12 Super archival wonder. All-gal DIY outta early-80s DC, and very much like the Rough Trade greats of a few years earlier. If you go in for Kleenex, Raincoats, and the like, this is highly recommended. Comes with lavish booklet and download coupon.

Charalambides Branches CD (Wholly Other) $13

Charalambides Exile 2LP (Kranky) $18

Cheater Slicks Guttural: Live Volume 1 LP (Columbus Discount) $13

Cheater Slicks Yer Last Record LP (Secret Keeper) $10

Chinese Restaurants Summer Romance 7″ (SS) $6.50

Chinese Restaurants River of Shit 7″ (S-S) $6

Cheveu Mille (1000) LP (Kill Shaman) $18 Domestic release of 2010 Cheveu full-lengther. Insane fruit-sticker collage cover art that has to be seen to be believed. The music’s tip-top, too.

Chickens Chicken Shit 7″ (Siltbreeze) $9.00 Caveat: the picture sleeves are slightly bent at one corner, which happened in transit. No warping or anything, but if you’re fussy, you’re forewarned.

Cheveu Cheveau LP (Permanent) $15 Well-done roundup of CD-R material emphasizes their more outside side, reminding me at times of Australia’s wonderful Thug. Not to be confused with their Cheveu LP, with nearly-identical cover art. Sheesh.

Chook Race “Medicine” 7″ (Chook Race) $9.50

Circle Pit Sewercide 7” (Sweet Rot/R.I.P. Society) $6 2010 US tour single.

Circle X s/t 12″ (Insolito) $18 Unbelievably great 1979 scunge outta Kentucky, of all places. “Tender” kicks this off and is one of THE most perfect tough-ass art-punk gnarls ever.

The Clean Mister Pop LP (Morr Music) $20

Clockcleaner Babylon Rules LP (Load) $12 If you’re pining away for the glory days when AmRep and Touch & Go ruled the roost, this just might make your whole day. John Sharkey’s vox on this record get a bit heavy on the Ian Curtis-isms, but then again his guitar work keeps getting better – few can extend this well without getting wanky and dull.

Coma In Algiers Happy Forever LP (A Wicked Company) $10

Connections “5 Imaginary Boys” 7″ (HoZac) $6

Consumers All My Friends Are Dead LP (In The Red) $15

Cop Warmth 7″ (In The Red) $6

Crystal Stilts Alight of Night LP (Slumberland) $14 Wuss-pop with a nice nocturnal psych tinge, highly recommended if you’re sneaking ‘Pink Frost’ onto the turntable after yr tough buddies pass out for the night.

Cut Sick Fraudulent Little Fuckers 7″ (Aaarght!) $6 ‘In 1986 some dudes were grinding the Fitzroy bowl while their freshly knocked-up girls sat idly by punching bongs to Massappeal and Negazione. The sprats they begat present to you their second ep of ripping fast HC. Raging, brutal, crucial: tick all boxes.’ They look like they coulda played a Treadmill/Doughboys show in Albuquerque back in 1992.

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