Jonathan Kane I Looked At The Sun CD (Table of the Elements) $10 Loud minimalist take on roots forms – this sounds on paper like it oughta be godawful, but Kane pulls it off, really. Highly recommended.

The Kent 3 Stories of the New West LP (Super Electro) $6 Unearthed sealed copies of this great piece of Seattle art-punk. Fans of Wire or Eddy Current Suppression Ring, quit screwing around and buy this.

The Kent 3 The Kent 3 double 7″ (Super Electro) $4 Almost PERFECT double pack from this crew. Sealed new copies, absurdly cheap.

Kitchen’s Floor Look Forward to Nothing LP (Siltbreeze) $14 Fine second LP with a more solidly rockin’, less Vaselines-y sound. Includes download.

Kito-Mizukumi Rouber Midori Mushi San 7″ (Siltbreeze) $9

Campbell Kneale Pink Stalingrad CD (Celebrate Psi Phenomena) $15 Not sure why this wasn’t called a Birchville Cat Motel record, but whatever – muzzy fidelity toys with Campbell’s usual laminal preoccupations.

Knife Fight Hobbies 7″ (Aarght!) $9 New Zealand trio, the first non-Aussies (?) on the always reliable Aarght!

KTL KTL CD (Editions Mego) $15 Great collaboration bewteen Stephen O’Malley and Peter Rehberg.

KTL IV CD (Editions Mego) $15

Kuupuu Kulta Sulka CDR  (Kuupuu) $10 Gorgeous vocal-dominated driftage, some of the best of the Finnish “forest-folk” psych, though not very folk-like.


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