Mad Nanna “I Hit a Wall” 7″ (Quemada) $6.50

Mad Nanna “If I Don’t Sleep Tonight” 7″ (Wormwood Grasshopper) $9.50 Repress of their excellent second single.

Magnetix Positively Negative LP (Slovenly) $12 Uneven, but there are some flashes of the sorta genius that had Right Now and Hung Far Low stuck on infinite repeat in my life back when. And they really do this as a duo – I’ve seen ‘em do it.

Magnetix “Rib Out” 7″ (Slovenly) $5.50

Magnetix Drogue Electrique LP (Slovenly) $14

Master Musicians of Jajouka The Primal Energy That is the Master Musicians of Jajouka LP (Sol re Sol) $18

Dan Melchior C.C.D.E. Music LP (Little Big Chief) $13 Dan goes from strength to strength these days. This one’s a late-night psychedelic blowout, with nary a dud. The closer, “Sagittarius/A*,” sounds like Thug ruining Open Mic Night down at the Blueshammer Sports Bar. Every time you listen to this, Eric Clapton will feel a pain in his left arm.

Melvins Ozma + Bullhead 2xLP (Boner) $26

Melvins Eggnog + Lice-All 2xLP (Boner) $26

Moffarfarrah “Threadbare” 7″ (Albert’s Basement) $13 Warning to the exceptionally fussy: the sleeves of these are slightly creased at the upper left corner. I’m told they came from Australia like that.

Mole House “Hey Come My Way” 7″ (Quemada) $6.50 Mad Nanna offshoot with some White Woods people in the mix.

Mouthbreathers “Anxiety” 7″ (In The Red) $6

Mouthbreathers “Nowhere” 7″ (Slovenly) $6

Mississippi Fred McDowell s/t LP (Mississippi) $15 Nice reissue of the Arhoolie LP originally titled Fred McDowell – Volume 2.

Daniel Menche Glass Forest CD (Important) $14 Massive power and infinite attention to detail, nothing like him.

Charles Mingus Presents Charles Mingus LP (Candid) $12 My favorite Mingus record, which I assure you is really saying something. The version of “What Love” on here is simultaneously some of the most “out” and yet utterly human music you’ll ever hear. Highly recommended.

Minutemen/Saccharine Trust split 7″ (Water Under the Bridge) $9 3 tracks from each band, back on vinyl for the first time since appearing on long-gone compilations.

Mirrors Shirley/She Smiled Wild 7″ (Violet Times) $6 Great Velvets damage out of 70s Cleveland.

Moon Duo Catch As Catch Can 7″ (Agitated) $9

Moon Duo Silver Bells/Winter 7” (Holy Mountain) $7 Winter warmer from Wooden Shjips offshoot.

Mount Carmel LP (Siltbreeze) $13.50

Musk Musk LP (Holy Mountain) $16

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