The Garbage and The Flowers Stoned Rehearsal LP (Quemada) $15 As the name may suggest, loose jammage from this long-running crew of lo-profile NZers.

The Georgia Sea Island Singers Join the Band LP (Mississippi) $15 My favorite Alan Lomax recordings get the vinyl treatment. Unique, insanely polyrhythmic gospel with gorgeous singing. Highest recommendation.

The Golden Staph LP (R.I.P. Society) $16

Goslings Occasion CD (Not Not Fun) $15 Latest outing from Floridian duo who easily outshine the tepid wave-o-metal of their “shoedoom” peers, hewing closer to a metallized version of the blown-out glories of Medicine’s early prime than to what a Depeche Mode cover band might think “heavy” sounds like.

Goslings The Grandeur of Hair CD (Archive) $15 Tremendous second disc from the only shoedoom band worth my time and yours. First press in cool oversized cardstock sleeve, very nice.

The Gotobeds Poor People are Revolting LP (12XU) $15 One of 2014′s tops.

Grass Widow Grass Widow 12″ (Captured Tracks) $12 Second self-titled thingy from SF DIY wonders.

Grave Blankets “Our Love Is Real” 7″ (Hozac) $6 Deliciously malevolent downer weird punk on Hozac, kinda reminiscent of the Bunnybrains’ better moments’ in its blend of crude heaviness and surprising catchiness. Last copy.

The Great Unwashed Clean Out of Our Minds LP (Exiled) $14 The Kilgour brothers from The Clean, in late-night mode ca.1983. Highly recommended.

Grey Daturas/Monarch Dawn of the Catalyst CD (20 Buck Spin) $12 Great ultra-nasty doom from these two stalwarts.

Rudolph Grey Evelyn McHale 7″ (Foreign Frequency) $6

Grouper Way Their Crept CD (Free Porcupine Society) $10 Out-of-print, last copy.

Grong Grong LP (Alternative Tentacles) $14 Prime Australian scunge from the golden era of King Snake Roost, feedtime, Cosmic Psychos, et al.

Guided By Voices Bee Thousand 2xLP (Scat) $21

Guided By Voices King Shit & The Golden Boys LP (Scat) $16

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