Hammering the Cramps LP (Wormwood Grasshopper) $18

A Handful of Dust Panegyric CD (Next Best Way) $15 2 Bruce Russell/Alastair Galbraith duos from 1996.

Hank IV Refuge In Genre LP (Siltbreeze) $15 Great twin-guitar heaviness from five guys old enough to know better. Recommended. Includes digital download coupon.

Hank IV “Bellyful of Slugs” 7″ (S-S) $6

Hank IV III LP (Siltbreeze) $13

Hawkwind s/t LP (4 Men With Beards) $18

Home Blitz “Perpetual Night” 7″ (Almost Ready) $7

Home Blitz ATK 7″ (Mexican Summer) $6

Home Blitz s/t CD (Gulcher) $10 The beloved first singles, the first 12″, and an early cassette, all compiled up for your listening pleasure.

The Homosexuals The Homosexuals’ CD (ReR) $13 Tremendous DIY from 1978, in a league with Swell Maps, The Fall, Wire, et al. You need this.

Hospitals Hairdryer Peace LP (no label) $14 Insanely great, the best malevolent psych record since Monoshock’s Walk to the Fire a decade-plus ago.

Hototogisu Pale Fatal Sister 2LP (Important) $27 Wall-o-scree from guitars and violins, courtesy of Matthew Bower (Skullflower, Sunroof!) and Marcia Bassett (UN, Double Leopards, Zaimph).

Household Items LP (Dull Knife) $15 Superb gal DIY that’ll slot nicely between your Kleenex and Bratmobile records.

Don Howland The Land Beyond the Mountains LP (Secret Keeper) $10 Great crabby-spent-old-guy solo schtick from Gibson Bro/head Basshole Howland.

The Hunches Hobo Sunrise LP (In The Red) $9 SOLD OUT

The Hunches Exit Dreams LP (In The Red) $11

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