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New Arrivals, November 2015

Obnox Wiglet LP (ever/never) $15

Orchestre Polyrhythmo de Cotonou Volume 3: The Skeletal Essences of Afro Funk 1969-1980 2LP (Analog Africa) $24 Killer Afrobeat, back in print for a minute or two. Highly recommended.

Richard Papiercuts “IF” LP (ever/never) $15

Sunburned Hand of the Man Mind of a Brother LP (Feeding Tube) $20 Vinyl reissue of early CDR by MA psych bunch.

Sun City Girls Torch of the Mystics LP (Abduction) $19 Long-wished-for/whinged-about reissue of prime-era SCG record. Highest possible recommendation. This will be everywhere you look for about a month, and then poof!

New Arrivals, September 7, 2014

Amanda X Amnesia LP (Siltbreeze) $15 Philly trio drawing from assorted high points of the last 30 years of femme postpunk: some Look Blue Go Purple, yr Sleaters and Yr Kinneys and yr Bratmobiles and what-not.

The Bugs The Right Time LP (Wantage) $13. Great Oregon yawp filters early-60s beach-blanket sensibilities through K Records goofs and a rockin’ crudity channeling Rob Vasquez’s looser moments. Some sorta Trumans Water ties, for what it’s worth.

The Coolies “Punk Is Bread” 7″ (Epic Sweep) $12. One of 2014′s great singles.

The Flesh Eaters A Minute to Pray, A Second to Die LP (Superior Viaduct) $18 Unimpeachable classic.

Good Throb Fuck Off LP (White Denim) $15

Hollywood Autopsy LP (Little Big Chief) $19 Superb Madison DIY from the early 80s. If Church Police have ever made your day, you could cuddle right up to this.

Rowland S Howard Pop Crimes LP (Fat Possum) $15. Elusive late-in-life solo rec from one of post-punk’s most distinctive guitarists (Birthday Party, These Immortal Souls, Crime & The City Solution, etc.)

Jack Ruby Vol. 1 LP (Feeding Tube) $19

Life Stinks “Portraits” 7″ (Total Punk) $7

Lumpy and the Dumpers “Bat” 7″ (Total Punk) $7

Marineville “Toast” 7″ (Epic Sweep) $12 Surely the toughest song about breakfast foods ever to come out of the New Zealand underground.

Multiple Man “Body Double” 7″ (Major Crimes) $11

Multiple Man “Guilt Culture” 7″ (Detonic) $11

Ragtime Frank I’m a Rocketship for My Lord LP (Little Big Chief) $12

Mike Rep and Friends Darby Creek Drifter LP (540) $15

Unholy Two Talk About Hardcore LP (12XU) $15 Pulverizing. File next to Unsane, literally and figuratively.

The Velvet Underground The Legendary Guitar Amp Tapes LP (Tummy) $24

New arrivals, July 29, 2014

Dark Matter s/t LP (Siltbreeze) $15

Dick Diver “New Name Blues” 7″ (Fruits and Flowers) $6

Eastlink “Angel Gun” 7″ (In the Red) $6

Eastlink s/t LP (In The Red) $15

The Electric Eels “Jaguar Ride” 7″ (Hozac) $7

Exiles From Clowntown Tape Scissors Rock LP (Soft Abuse) $15 Fine trio stumble from Australia. Not Dead C. wannabes by any stretch, but if you’re partial to THAT trio’s more rockin’ side then you should feel right at home in Clowntown. Compiles their three singles and adds some new stuff, to boot. Recommended.

The Frantix My Dad’s a Fuckin’ Alcoholic LP (Alternative Tentacles) $14

Michael O “Face the Facts” 7″ (Fruits and Flowers) $6

Roy Montgomery 324 E. 13th St #7 2xLP (Yellow Electric) $27

Shoes This High Straight to Hell LP (Siltbreeze) $15

Tronics Say! What’s This? LP (M’Ladys) $18

Tronics What’s The Hubbub, Bub? LP (M’Ladys) $18

Watery Love Decorative Feeding LP (In The Red) $15

Watery Love “Sick People” 7″ (In The Red) $6

Soon: Coolies “Punk is Bread” 7″, Marineville “Face” 7″, Amanda X LP.

New Arrivals, March 11, 2014

Bassholes …and without a name LP (Columbus Discount) $13

Bassholes Boogieman Stew LP (Columbus Discount) $13 Back in stock! Great!

Cheater Slicks Live Vol 3 LP (Columbus Discount) $13 Long-awaited third volume of live destruction, with side-long rambles through “Thinkin’ Some More” and “Sister Ray” (!)

Sacred Product “Wastex” 2×7″ (Quemada) $13 New solo scuzz from Satanic Rockers honcho.

New Arrivals, February 17, 2014

Angie Turning LP (Easter Bilby) $18 Angela from Circle Pit, Ruined Fortune, Southern Comfort, Straight Arrows et al.

Ausmuteants LP (Aarght!) $18

Bad Vision s/t LP (Every Night is a Saturday Night) $15

The Clits “Excuse Me” 7″ EP (Anti-Fade) $10

Gravel Samwidge Medicinal Requirements LP (Swashbuckling Hobo) $18

Love Chants s/t EP (R.I.P. Society) $15

Tax “Bent Spear” 7″ (No Patience) $10

New Arrivals, January 2, 2014

Happy New Year to you. Now then:

Bassholes Boogieman Stew LP
(Columbus Discount) $13 Back in stock.

Bassholes …and Without a Name LP (Columbus Discount) $14

Cheater Slicks Reality Is A Grape LP (Columbus Discount) $14 Back in stock.

The Cherry Blossoms Live in Amsterdam LP (Hairy Spider Legs) $18 Long, long, long-awaited followup to their fantastic first LP.

El Jesus de Magico Just Deserts LP (Columbus Discount) $13 Back in stock. Darkly psychedelic and wildly underrated.

New Arrivals, December 13, 2013

Coum Transmissions Home Aged and the 18 Month Hope LP (Dais) $21 Pre-Throbbing Gristle creeping menace.

Danny and the Darleans s/t LP (Nero’s Neptune) $18 Dan Kroha (Gories, Demolition Doll Rods) with a new trio. I haven’t heard the LP yet, but the first single was great & it’s Dan Kroha, so odds are in your favor here. Includes download code.

Peter Gutteridge Pure 2LP (540) $26 Reissue of Xpressway cassette that you and I do not have. Gutteridge during Snapper’s prime, accompanied by assorted Snappers here and there.

Magik Markers Surrender to the Fantasy CD (Drag City) $14

Negative Trend 7″ EP (Superior Viaduct) $10 Pre-Flipper greatness. Highly recommended.

Pampers LP (In The Red) $14 Great band name that somehow evades cease-and-desist letters. The singles have been great stuff & everything I hear says the LP’s a corker, too. I’ll personally confirm this as soon as I get the time!

New Arrivals, November 20, 2013

Good And Angry The Quietus Vol. 1 LP (Good and Angry) $12 Superb “grumpy psychedelic” indie outta NYC that oughta float the boat of anyone pining for prime-era Grifters, Codeine, and the post-Expressway NZ sound of the Renderers and Marineville. Gorgeous full-color sleeve, download card, and one of those fancy Japanese resealable cello sleeves included. Beautifully recorded, too – DIY does not have to be crude. Highly recommended.