New Arrivals, August 15, 2012

Kitchen’s Floor Live In Brisbane 12″ (Quemada) $12 Vinyl reissue of their early “Too Dead to Notice” cassette, originally slated for release on Negative Guest List.

The Max Block Air Ache in the Belly of the Leech LP (Siltbreeze) $14 Brian Crook, betwixt Scorched Earth Policy and Renderers and Terminals, and Maryrose Crook, pre-Renderers. Their impossible-to-find Flying Nun EP, plus a second EP recorded but never released, and a few live tracks to round things out. Includes download card.

Satanic Rockers “Eviction” 7″ (Quemada) $6 Severely bent guitardation from Melbourne. It just never stops! Sound sample here:
SOLD OUT, more on the way.

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New Arrivals, August 10, 2012

Astor Alcor LP (Kye) $18

Bits of Shit Cut Sleeves LP (Homeless) $18

Boomgates “Layman’s Terms” 7″ (Smart Guy) $6

Cheater Slicks Live 2010 Vol. 2 LP (Columbus Discount) $15

The Dicks “Hate the Police” 7″ (1-2-3-4 Go!) $8

The Dicks Kill from The Heart LP (Alternative Tentacles) $14

FNU Ronnies Saddle Up LP (Load) $15

Jessie Mae Hemphill Feelin’ Good LP (Sutro Park) $18

The Pin Group Ambivalence LP + CD (Flying Nun) $15
SOLD OUT, more on the way!

Tar “Feel This” 7″ (Chunklet) $7

Useless Children Post Ending/Pre Completion LP (Iron Lung) $15

XYX Teatro Negro LP (Monofonus Press) $18

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New Arrivals, July 27, 2012

Altered Snakes of the United States Pagan Tiger Swing Band LP (Lost Treasures of the Underworld) $11 AKA AS/US or the Snakes, “dark psychedelic noise punk” from Colubus, Ohio that squeezes some bent 80s moves through Columbus u-ground forms. Each cover is hand-screened in some uniquely hideous color combo and the abnd name handwritten on each one after the paint was (mostly) dry – I get writer’s cramp just looking at the thing.

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New Arrivals, July 20, 2012

Bitch Prefect Big Time LP (Bedroom Suck) $18
OUT OF STOCK, but more on the way.

Cobwebs “Look Out” 7″ (Anti Fade) $9

Living Eyes “Ways to Make a Living” 7″ (Anti Fade) $9

Per Purpose “Warburton” 7″ (Bedroom Suck) $10

And a bunch of stuff back in:
Meat Thump “Box of Wine” 7″ (Negative Guest List) $10

Scott and Charlene’s Wedding Para Vista Social Club LP (Bedroom Suck) $18

3 Toed Sloth “Against the Odds” double 7″ (Unwucht) $15

Whores “Mob Reality” 7″ (R.I.P. Society) $8.50

various A Range of Greatdividing LP (Unwucht) $15 Great comp of the Aussie underground, with 3 Toed Sloth, Shoptoprockers, Deep Brain Thrombosis, Exiles From Clowntown.

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New Arrivals, July 10, 2012

Sandy Bull Live 1976 LP (Drag City) $15

Earl Hooker 2 Bugs and a Roach LP (Arhoolie) $18

Lightnin’ Sam Hopkins s/t LP (Arhoolie) $18

The Intelligence Crepuscule With Pacman LP (Born Bad) $20

Lil Son Jackson s/t LP (Arhoolie) $18

Mance Lipscomb Texas Sharecropper and Songster LP (Arhoolie) $18

Running Asshole Savant LP (HBSP-2X) $17

TV Ghost “Phantasm” 7″ $6.50

various Sticks Over My Shoulder LP (Mississippi) $15

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New Arrivals, July 4, 2012

The Clean Odditties double LP (540) $27 I think this needs no introduction. Prime-era outtakes, long out-of-print.
SOLD OUT, check back if you get desperate.

Restocked: Time to Go: The Southern Psychedelic Moment 1981-86 double LP (Flying Nun) $22 Superb Bruce Russell-curated comp, mostly Flying Nun classics with a few DIY bits tossed in.

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New Arrivals, July 3, 2012

Tav Falco & Panther Burns “She’s the One to Blame” 7″ (Mighty Mouth) $8 Exact repro in pain-in-the-ass slightly oversized sleeve.

Monoshock “Model Citizen (Nitroglycerine)” 7″ (Bag of Hammers) $7

Mike Rep and the Quotas “Rocket to Nowhere” 7″ (Mighty Mouth) $7 Stone classic of American DIY.

’68 Comeback “Do ‘The Rub’” 7″
(Bag of Hammers) $7

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