New Arrivals, November 29, 2012

Back in stock: The Max Block Air Ache In The Belly of the Leech LP (Siltbreeze) $14 Reissue of imossible-to-find Flying NUn EP, plus unreleased later EP and some live stuff from post-Scorched Earth Policy, pre-Renderers band.

Harry Pussy Let’s Build a Pussy 2LP (Editions Mego) $30

Lamps Under The Water Under The Ground LP (In The Red) $14

The Shadow Ring Remains Unchanged 2LP (Kye) $30

Toy Love Live at the Gluepot 2LP (Goner) $22

Tyvek On Triple Beams LP (In The Red) $14

The UV Race Racism LP (In The Red) $14

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