New Arrivals, October 16, 2013.

Bitch Prefect “Adelaide” 7″ (Bedroom Suck) $10

Back in stock: Counter Intuits LP (Pyramid Scheme) $9 Ron House-Jared Phillips DIthemselves. Repress with printed sleeves.

Full Ugly “Drove Down” 7″ (Bedroom Suck) $10

Housewives “Fuck You or Fuck Yeah” 7″ EP (Anti-fade) $10

restocked: Housewives “Special Power” 7″ EP (RIP Society) $10

It Hurts “33 Tears” 7″ (Soft Abuse) $6 All-gal trio take on Asperger songform as only New Zealanders can. If you like the mopier side of Brit DIY – Stepping Talk, Young Marble Ginats – and could stand to hear it spiked with some nasty electronics, this will do nicely.

Kitchen’s Floor “Regrets” 7″ (RIP Society) $10 Welcome repress of their snarling debut single. DOWN-ER.

restocked: Lower Plenty Hard Rubbish LP (Easter Bilby) $18

Mad Nanna “I Wanna See You” 7″ (Soft Abuse) $6

Peak Twins “Steppin’ Off” 7″ (Bedroom Suck) $10

Primitive Motion Worlds Floating By LP (Bedroom Suck) $18 SOLD OUT

restocked: Raw Prawn “None Left” 7″ (RIP Society) $10

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