New Arrivals, September 26, 2012

Boomgates Double Natural LP (Bedroom Suck) $13 Low price due to slightly dinged corners on the outer sleeves.
SOLD OUT, more here soon.

Kitchen’s Floor “Bitter Defeat”/”Down” 7″ (Negative Guest List) $10
SOLD OUT, more here soon.

Mordecai s/t LP (Killertree) $14

Mordecai “Drag Down”/”Waste” 7″ (Wantage) $6.50 Superb neo-DIY outta the wilds of Montana. Fans of Swell Maps, UV Race, and Tyvek oughta be well pleased, and if you’re not a fan of that trinity, you should be.

Southern Comfort “Silver and Gold” 7″ (Black Petal) $10

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