New Arrivals, March 1, 2013

CCR Headcleaner “Cocoon” 7″ (Pollen Season) $6

Cuntz Aloha LP (Homeless) $24

Mil Mascaras “Fuzz” 7″ (Hozac) $6.50

Nothing People “C’mon Girl” 7″ (S-S) $7

Rev. Louis Overstreet “There Is No Future In Gaining The World and Losing Your Soul” 7″ (Mississippi) $7

Spray Paint LP (S-S) $15

various Rocket Infinity:The Global Rise of Rocking Music 1942-62 10″ (Mississippi)

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Quote for the day

“Preferences for rock, African American music, and electronic dance music indicate later minor delinquency.”


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New arrivals, January 17, 2013

Bits of Shit Cut Sleeves LP (Homeless) $18 Much-loved 1982 reenactors. Back in stock.

Blank Realm Deja What? LP (Bedroom Suck) $18 Bacxk in stock. Excellent album from a few years prior to their ALSO excellent Siltbreezer. I hear Royal Trux and early PiL, the wife hears Can; we’re both right.

The U.V. Race Demos aka “Terminal Picnic” LP (Terminal Picnic) $22 Elusive collection of early stuff from consistently great Aussies.

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New arrivals, January 4, 2012

Coloured Balls Ball Power LP (Sing Sing) $18 Gorgeous gatefold reissue of this 70s Aussie almost-punk hard rock classic. Highly recommended.

The Lost Domain An Unnatural Act LP (Negative Guest List) $18

Screaming Urge “Homework” 7″ (Sing Sing) $6

Southern Comfort “Silver and Gold” 7″ (Black Petal) $10

Sprot “Summer of Sprot” 7″
(Wormwood Grasshopper) $9.50 Handmade newspaper sleeves that exhaust me just looking at them.

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New Arrivals, December 21, 2012

John Fahey Voice of the Turtle LP (4 Men With Beards) $24 Reissue of one of Fahey’s crucial Takoma excursions, mixing his trademarked American Primitive moves with insane blats from his turntable.

Protomartyr No Passion All Technique LP
(Urinal Cake) $15 SOLD OUT, more on the way.

Woollen Kits Four Girls LP (Trouble In Mind) $17

various Contemporary Guitar LP (4 Men With Beards) $19 Excellent Takoma comp with John Fahey, Max Ochs, Harry Taussig, Robbie Basho, and token black guy/electric guitarist Bukka White.

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New Arrivals, December 5, 2012

Nathan Bowles AB, AB LP (Soft Abuse) $14

Mad Nanna “My Two Kids” 7″ (Soft Abuse) $6

Modra The Line For the Men’s Room LP (Savage Quality) $14 Unique free rock, sort of an American take on Fushitsusha without the embarassing mystical goo. Highly recommended.

Pink Reason “Throw It Away” 7″ (Savage Quality) $6

Pink Reason “Ache For You” 7″ (Savage Quality) $6

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New Arrivals, November 29, 2012

Back in stock: The Max Block Air Ache In The Belly of the Leech LP (Siltbreeze) $14 Reissue of imossible-to-find Flying NUn EP, plus unreleased later EP and some live stuff from post-Scorched Earth Policy, pre-Renderers band.

Harry Pussy Let’s Build a Pussy 2LP (Editions Mego) $30

Lamps Under The Water Under The Ground LP (In The Red) $14

The Shadow Ring Remains Unchanged 2LP (Kye) $30

Toy Love Live at the Gluepot 2LP (Goner) $22

Tyvek On Triple Beams LP (In The Red) $14

The UV Race Racism LP (In The Red) $14

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New arrivals, November 15, 2012

A Burning Bus “Anti-” 7″ (Harvest) $6 New Don Howland-backed-by-Labiators/Suttree-dudes recording. Haven’t heard this yet, but they were one of the highlights of Gonerfest a few years back, so I’m confident you can’t go wrong here.

Watery Love “A New Kind Of Kick/A Condom” 7″ (Richie/Little Big Chief) $6 Reissue of superb NGL single. Fans of Drunks With Guns-style jerkery should be well-pleased.

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